5 Tips for Social Media Photography Success

My colleague Tyffani and I recently had an opportunity to meet with some inspiring social media marketers who are also professional photographers at a Social Media Photography lunch program. The Professional Marketing Group hosted the gathering with speakers Erin Rose, Christine Tafoya, and moderator Shana Bull. Each of these creative ladies have a distinct style and method for taking photos for social media that have led to social media success for both their business and personal images, especially on Instagram. Here are the top 5 lessons we learned at the workshop. 1. Consistency vs. Flexibility Balancing consistency with creative flexibility across social media platforms is one of the m

First Time at the Fancy Food Show

Last week, I got to attend the Winter Fancy Food Show for the first time. A highly anticipated event for many in the food industry, I was excited to be there and experience for myself this renowned food show. The large exhibit hall with long, endless rows of booths seemed a little daunting- who could possibly see everything, or even try everything?! Crowds of people walked through tightly packed paths, all hoping to eat their way through the Fancy Food Show. People hustled and bustled, finding their way to the front of booths and grabbing samples as they went. I was so busy taking it all in, I practically forgot to try what they were offering. Eager producers want to pull you into their boot

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