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First Time at the Fancy Food Show

Winter Fancy Food Show Logo

Last week, I got to attend the Winter Fancy Food Show for the first time. A highly anticipated event for many in the food industry, I was excited to be there and experience for myself this renowned food show.

The large exhibit hall with long, endless rows of booths seemed a little daunting- who could possibly see everything, or even try everything?! Crowds of people walked through tightly packed paths, all hoping to eat their way through the Fancy Food Show.

People hustled and bustled, finding their way to the front of booths and grabbing samples as they went. I was so busy taking it all in, I practically forgot to try what they were offering. Eager producers want to pull you into their booth and show you how delicious their product is, and frankly, they were right.

Ali & Tyffani with parmesan-reggiano cheese wall

In the International Hall, I had authentic jamón ibérico that melted in my mouth and salami that made me feel like I was back in Italy. Tyffani and I got to stand and admire an astounding display of a wall of Parmesan reggiano cheese wheels.

Kombucha, drinking vinegar, and cold brew coffee are definitely trending bottled items to watch out for. We also found a unique maple water.

Brands Pictured: Tartly, Jittery Johns, Sap on Tap

Ice cream booths were a popular stop on my journey through Moscone center, my love for the sweet treat takes and over and I can’t resist a spoonful! One of my favorites was the banana-salted caramel by McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream of Santa Barbara, the decadent salted caramel perfectly spiraled through creamy banana ice cream… I still dream of this flavor! Choctál’s ice cream flight of various flavors made with chocolates from around the world proved not all chocolate ice cream is equal, and darker doesn’t always mean richer. Each one had distinct nuances of the different cocoa beans, but, they all had an incredible rich, creamy quality.

There are products that stand on their own in uniqueness, such as Tokyo-flavor inspired popcorn with flavors like matcha green tea, salted cod roe, and sesame salt. Foraging Fox sampled Beetroot Ketchup in three different flavors, hot, original, and smoked. “Alternative chips” made a presence, like Sejoyia's snacks made from brussels sprouts and parsnips. They come in an array of flavors like cheese, herb truffle, and pumpkin seed crunch.

The Winter Fancy Food Show was overwhelming in size and in the quantity of products they feature and sample. But getting a chance to be part of the group that gets to be the first to try new products and discover new flavors made me eager about the industry I work in. The Fancy Food Show felt like a “foodie” heaven, and the excitement of getting to sample so many products and foods only creates an anticipation of next year’s Fancy Food Show, and what the creative food industry will come up with. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

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