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Bohemian Creamery - A Cheesy Stop Along Sonoma County's Farm Trails

Bohemian Creamery- an artisan cheese producer in Sonoma County

One of the great joys about living in Sonoma County is the access we have to so many farms and food producers. At Holly Hansen Public Relations we are honored to work with Sonoma County Farm Trails, an organization that helps promote small farms, food producers, and wineries. We happened to stop in to the Bohemian Creamery recently, a Farm Trails member and one of those magical small food producers we love so much.

Bohemian Creamery is located just a mile outside downtown Sebastopol on Occidental Road. It’s a beautiful drive on a country road that winds its way through vineyards, grasses and trees. We stepped into the small tasting room/retail shop without an appointment and were able to try 4-5 cheeses and make purchases. However, if you plan ahead you can sign up for a tour on Sundays at 1 p.m and receive an introduction to cheese-making, a tasting of all of their cheeses, and a visit with their herd of Alpine Goats. The tour is just $20.

Artisan cheeses on display at Bohemian Creamery

Bohemian Creamery does use goat milk to make their cheeses, but they also use cow, sheep, and water buffalo milk. The flavors we tried are extremely fresh, in some cases you think you’re actually tasting the grasses you just drove past!

Agua Bufazola- a tasty cheese made from Water Buffalo milk

Some of our favorites included the Agua Bufazola, which translates to Water Buffalo! This is an ooey, gooey tasty cheese that is aged just 4-6 months and is sweet, tangy and salty all at once!

BoDacious- a hand-crafted goat cheese at Bohemian Creamery

The BoDacious cheese is a tangy goat cheese with a bloomy rind that is soft, spreadable, earthy and delicious.

Flower Power- an aged cow's milk cheese with bee pollen

We also enjoyed the Flower Power- a cow’s milk cheese that is shaped in a pyramid with bee pollen sprinkled on top. The cheese has a rich, tangy and slightly sweet flavor. Pair it with fresh fruit and a glass of bubbles, and you will be in heaven!

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