Tips on Arranging Flowers (& Drinking Wine at the Same Time)

Did you know that wine tasting & floral design go hand-in-hand? I learned that this weekend as Pam Bell from Dragonfly Floral patiently coached a group of twenty visitors (including myself and my colleague Tyffani) through the design of a Mother's Day bouquet, while Pete from Notre Vue Estate refilled our wine glasses with exquisite tastings of Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, and a white blend. Sitting on the tasting deck, overlooking the pond swimming with geese and goslings, we learned how to trim, set, and arrange our flowers. That view, coupled with the fresh smell of roses and lavender, gave the whole experience an extraordinary feel. We even had some caterpillars join us for the fun! Pam Bell h

Spending Spring on the Farm

This weekend, I had the opportunity to visit the farm by way of Sonoma County Farm Trail’s Spring Tours event, “Blossoms, Bees, and Barnyard Babies.” I toured five local farms near Sebastopol, California, and was heartened to see so much life everywhere, especially after the devastating fires in October of last year. Sonoma County was truly blossoming and blooming, coming alive once again. Growing up in Sonoma County, I loved visiting farms during autumn to see the pumpkin patches. The Sonoma County Harvest Fair was easily my favorite community event; honey sticks were incredible spots of joy for me. However, I hadn’t experienced too many farms during the spring, so I was excited to see what

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